To mark World Oceans Day on June 8th 2019, Onetrack teamed up with Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) to launch a 1000-mile run to save our oceans.

The goal? 200 runners working together to achieve a shared goal of 1000 miles on one track, on one day. The 1000 mile target represents the almost 1000 square mile UNESCO Biosphere off the north coast of Devon where BLUE are working with local fishermen and other stakeholders​ ​to protect marine life.

The debut run took place at Battersea Park Millennium Arena on the 1 September 2019 but we will son be announcing 2020 dates.

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“Making change happen, whether with fitness or the environment can sometimes seem daunting and overwhelming. We wanted to demonstrate that by harnessing the power of a community, you can break a goal down into actionable chunks to make a difference. The ocean is quite literally one of the biggest places to start when it comes to the environment and we’re thrilled to be working with BLUE to raise awareness and funds for North Devon; it’s a chance to empower us to take control and make a difference in a location many of us will know.” - Anthony Fletcher, Onetrack Founder